Rev. T. Marcus Devasahayam

Pastor. Marcus Devasahayam

[S/O. Late Rev. D. Thomas Walker [founder of Madurai, Elim A. G. Church] & Mrs. Suseela Thomas.]


Rev. Dr. Marcus Devasahayam Thomas is the Founder and the Senior Pastor of the Assemblies of God Church in the Vadodara City [Baroda] of Gujarat State, in India.  He is presently serving the Lord in the Assemblies of God fellowship as a senior Pastor of Baroda Church which is in the western India and serves as the Executive Presbyter for the North Central District for the whole Gujarat Sate and also serves the Executive Committee of the North Central District Council of the Assemblies of God of North India as an Executive Member. 

Educational Qualification: He loves education and always tries to study some useful study programs. Now he is currently doing his research Ph.D. and doing a thesis in Religion and Philosophy. He holds a theological Doctorate in Ministries (based on his website Ministries). He has Masters Degrees in Theology, Education and in Religion & Philosophy. He is having a degree in the English literature as well. 

Spouse: Rev. Marcus is supported in his ministry by his wife Mrs. Ebun Jaspserin [married on 12th December 1988 in Dindigul the D/o. Eva. Simon Roberts] who has a Masters in Education and completed a Bachelor in English literature. Currently she is working with the Assemblies of God North India in the capacity of a Preacher; in recognition of her contribution she has secured a “License to Preach” from AGNI.

Children: God has blessed them with a son Silas Packianathan Marcus (born on 28th January 1990) who is now 17 years old and presently studying 11th standard in the school and a beautiful daughter Ida Pricilla Marcus (born on 20th July 1995) who is eleven years old and studying in the sixth Standard.

The Family History: Pastor Marcus was born to Mrs. Suseela & Rev. Thomas Walker on the Teachers Day 05-Sep-1962, his parents were committed Christians who had the anointing of God before his birth. Even before Rev. Marcus was born to them they had a promise from the Lord that they would be blessed with a boy and in faith they decided to name him Marcus.

His Late Father D. Thomas Walker who was earlier working with Southern Railway [senior accountant & auditor] and served the Lord in different capacities as crusade Director and all India Prayer Fellowship leaders in Madurai resigned his Job to the serve of God full time as Pastor. He pioneered the church and purchased and built the Elim Assemblies of God Church with the money he got from the railways and by selling their own house the without taking any money from any one. He served as presbyter for Salem and Dharmapuri District of Tamil Nadu Assemblies of God; he also served as Mission Director of A.G. Tamil Nadu. And the crusade Director for “Paripooranna Jeevan Crusades". His commitment to serve God was revealed when he sold his house and built the church with that money. Later he founded the Elim Missionary Movement along with his younger brother and supported Sixteen Missionaries in the North India through his Madurai "Elim A.G. Church". The youth of this church only motivated to start the Elim Missionary Movement.  He had the unique privilege of dedicating more than fifty native missionaries in his Madurai church for the western India.  He was a great bible teacher and taught in the extension bible school and his writings are now published in the magazines.

His Mother: Mrs. Suseela Thomas who was a qualified teacher was a very dedicated prayer worrier with astounding faith in the Lord and his word. Later she left her teacher’s job and spent most of her time working to spread the word of God in the Madurai City and near by villages around forty three years. Her ministry was mainly among the children, women in the church and to other pastor’s wives.  She use to prepare every day a message and teach to the children and women whom she visits and meet on that day.  Now after her death they are all published one by one in the magazines.

Pastor Thomas walker and Mrs. Suseela Thomas family: they were blessed in their married life by God almighty with six children, two girls and four boys by the grace of God. The first one is pastor Marcus’s elder sister Dr. Evangeline Marial is literate with M.A., M.Ed. D.Min., a history teacher by profession was married to a full time servant of God Pastor Matthew [Little flock Fellowship] and settled in kumbakonam. They have three daughters and a church ministry and workers training for the village ministry. Dr. Evangeline writes regularly about the life of great Missionaries in Tamil. The Second one in this godly family is Rev. Marcus Devasahayam. Third one in this family is his Younger sister Amy Shanthi; a qualified computer teacher has married Alvin Timothy and settled in Chennai. They have three daughters now. The fourth one in the family is his younger brother Immanuel in Madurai married Dr. Ajanta a medical doctor and has two lovely daughters. Both are very actively involved in the social activities. Now he is the General Secretary of the Elim Elim Missionary Movement. The fifth one in the family is his younger brother Rev. Corban Singh has taken the pastoral ministry responsibility of the Elim Assemblies of God Church in Madurai after the death of his Father who has founded it. He is married to Bella and has a son.  The sixth one in this family was born on 14th July is his lost younger brother Enoch Satiyasatchi. Since Mrs. Suseela Thomas younger sister Leela who was married to Prof. Charles had no child Enoch was given sacrificially to them to be raised in their family when he was six months old by their request. Now he is working as an engineer in Bangalore.

The Pastoral Ministry: The pastoral work of Rev. Marcus started in the early years of his life, he was Ordained as a Pastor from Tamil Nadu under the strong Christian education of the Assemblies of God Church, after his Ordination he was lead into serving the Sunday School in the capacity of overseer for the entire Salem-Dharmpuri District. At the time his Salem church had more than two thousand one hundred children in 41 classes taken by sixteen teachers throughout the week in different places.  Rev. Marcus was given a bigger responsibility of serving the youth deportment first for the Salem-Dharmpuri District and later promoted to leadership in the position of Youth General Secretary to all the Assemblies of God churches in Tamil Nadu.  He was deeply involved in the teaching ministry teaching first the TEFTE [lay people theological educational program by extension] both Degree and Diploma level for more than hundred students in Salem. His willingness to serve God in all capacities brought him yet another opportunity to serve God to uplift Church active believers to ministry through the A.G. Extension Bible College program. He served as a Coordinator for the entire Salem-Dharmpuri District of the A.G.  He has pastoral experience in different Cities like Madurai, Bangalore, Surat, Vyara, Kakrapar Atomic Power Plant Township and presently in the Vadodara City.

The call of God to work in the western India Mission Field: Rev. Marcus was specifically called into Evangelical Mission work in the year 1991 and this was initiated when he was invited to preach the word of God by a couple who had been recently married and had moved to Gujarat which is situated in the Northern Part of India, this location was a place where the word of God had not been preached to the extent that people were not aware of Christ and the eternal life Christ had to offer to his Children. Being led by the spirit Rev. Marcus brought the word of God to them in a few Evangelical meetings and the result of these spirit filled meetings were, 86 individuals for the first time accepted Jesus as their Savior and were baptized. Three times he has visited the Gujarat mission field and had meetings before accepting the call of God to work there.

Call of God for a apostolic Ministry in the western Mission field: Being a committed servant of Christ, Rev. Marcus was always being nudged by God for a much deeper commitment, this was clearly revealed to him one day when he was reading the word of God, he was lead into the writings of Paul in Romans 8.18 where it is stated that whatever sufferings we undergo in our present situation is not worth comparing to the Glory that would be revealed in us. As he kept pondering on these revelations by the Holy Spirit, he was clearly led into the life of our Lord Jesus Christ during his walk in this world which was not without suffering, this is spoken in Mat 16.21, 17:12, Mk 8:31, 9:12, Luke 9:22, 17:25, 22:15, 24:26, Acts 3: 18, 9:16, 17:3, 26:23. Apostle Paul says in Phil 1:29, we are called not only to believe in Jesus Christ but also to suffer for Him, By the conviction of the Holy Spirit   that believing in Christ could sometimes lead to suffering, which he had experienced, the final words of leading for Rev. Marcus came to him when he read Rev 7: 9-14, where it is stated that “Who are they in heaven? from where they come?” And it continues to state that These are those who have come out of the great tribulation, as he continued reading he was also assured in vs.17...God will wipe away their tears. These truths brought Rev. Marcus to his knees and as he prayed & asked God to take him out from his comfort zone and enable him to suffer for Kingdom of Christ.

The call of God to train the Native Mission workers in the western India: This was a major decision at that time because the Tamil Nadu A. G. Bible College was calling Rev. Marcus to join them as a Professor. But God led him to Gujarat State where he was later accompanied by his family after he had made three Mission trips to South Gujarat to spread the word of God earlier.  Finally, leaving all the comforts behind to support this man of God in his pursuit to follow Gods calling the whole family (wife and their small child Silas) set foot in Gujarat on 12 April 1992 to support him. Rev. Marcus was a pioneer to this western Mission field since the Assemblies of God at that time, had not started in the whole Gujarat State either in any form of their ministries nor a Church in the entire State. But the Lord by performing so many miracles helped them to train and to start native churches in different places in the southern part for the glory of God.  After three years, later God led him to Vadodara which is in the Central part of Gujarat where he established yet another church and continued to train different servants of God belonging to Saurashtra, Kutch, Jalod, and Dahod from there. Today their goal is to support 100 Evangelical worker for Christ by the end of this year 2006, these Evangelists are being trained in two specific areas of the truth, one is to be ready for the second coming of Christ and the most important is to equip them with a deeper understanding of the word of God. There are more than one hundred Churches and the Pastor's get their education in the word of God through their life and ministry.

The Web-site Ministry: In 1999 he fell sick and could not do very much the out side ministries and at the time God enabled him to start this e-mail ministry first and then through one good brother called Joseph Ponnudurai who has accepted the lord through their early ministry in the Baroda city, and through his sincere efforts the website ministry was started. The entire design and construction of this web-site was as a result of the hard work of Brother Joseph Ponnudurai. All the messages in this web site are mainly written by Rev. Marcus or his wife Ebun.  Today many people receive a daily devotional message from the word of God as an email daily.  

The Audio Recording of the New Testament in the tribal language: there is a great burden to do this work since most of the western India tribal’s cannot read much and had no portion of the Bible in their language.  Since language is very important to bring every tribe to the Lord Jesus Christ.  We have through our workers started to find out the ways in which we can do some thing to promote bible knowledge in these tribal areas and by the grace of God, we could now finish in one tribal language known as Bhil, by recording the audio bible through the help of World Cassette Outreach of India in Bangalore. We wish and pray to do in the coming days in more languages. 

The Vision: to train more native workers and establish more local churches is the heart cry of the Pastor Marcus for this they need a Training Center and a place where these tribal languages audio bible will be recorded for the glory of God.  They want to build a training center with a worship Hall in which so many language groups can come and worship the lord through out the week. They like to send the E-mail in different languages in the coming future and start a Podcasting ministry with the God given team of committed engineers like Joseph, his younger brother Enoch etc.  Kindly pray for these projects.  

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